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What To Do With Old Clothes | Spring 2020

A simple guide on the steps to take when cleaning out your closet

A lot of people struggle with an overflowing closet, containing mostly items that they don’t need and haven’t used in months or even years.    

Right now when everyone is pretty much stuck inside because of coronavirus and the quarantine, it’s a good opportunity to do something you’ve been putting off for years: cleaning your closet!

In the next few months, a lot of people will be struggling financially and the donation of unused clothes could certainly help them out.  

So let’s turn your closet from a mess into a clean and organized space, helping people along the way. 




In order to start cleaning up, you first need to remove everything from your closet. Yes, really. Take everything off the hangers and just lay them out on the floor or on your bed. 

Don’t worry, you’ll be cleaning everything soon so don’t be concerned about getting anything dirty. 

You often have to break things down before you can build them back up, so this is just part of that process.  


Take the time to throw away everything that cannot be used or donated. 

Check for stains, holes, discoloration, etc. in order to clean up your closet and your look. 

Having fresh, clean looking clothes will greatly improve your overall look and people’s impression of you. 

Plus, now you will be able to go through your closet and pick any item without worrying that it may look ratty, old, or have a stain. It can save you time in the morning so you don’t accidentally put on that work shirt again that has a hole hiding in the back.  



Old cotton t-shirts can work pretty well as a hand towel to clean up the counters and help remove some of the dust around your home. 

So if you don’t have any towels and have been using mostly paper towels to clean up, this could be a more sustainable and cheaper option for you. 

If you already have a good set of towels, you probably won’t end up using a shirt and it’s better to just get rid of it rather than have it taking up space. 


Everything else that will either stay in your closet or be donated NEEDS to be cleaned. 

Most organizations will not accept clothing and fabric donations if they have stains and are generally not cleaned, so make sure to thoroughly clean everything. 

This again will benefit all of the clothes that you plan on keeping in your wardrobe. 

  1. DONATE 

All of the clothes that you have not worn in the last year or in general don’t fit your style should be donated!

There is no reason to throw away perfectly good clothes that could truly make a difference in someone else’s life. 

If you are fortunate enough to have the problem of needing to clean out your closet, think of the people that do not have enough to fill a closet. 

Your donation can change someone’s life for the better and is always a good option for clothes you no longer use.  

  1. REPEAT 

This is super important to keep in mind. Most likely, after a few months your closet will start to become cluttered again. 

It is really useful to come back and repeat all of these steps at least once a year in order to maintain a useful wardrobe and also to give back to your community with your donations. 

We hope all of this information is helpful and please let us know which organizations are your favorite for donations!

Thanks again for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.

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