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What To Do When You’re Stuck Inside | Coronavirus Quarantine

Learn how to fight off cabin fever and have some fun while you’re at it

We're sure many of you are currently stocking up on groceries and getting prepared to stay inside for extended periods of time in the coming weeks because of the increasing number of coronavirus cases.

As much as we understand that it’s for our health and the health of everyone around us, it can be incredibly boring and difficult to stay inside so much longer than most of us are used to. It can transform your home from a haven to a prison very quickly. 

In order to combat this, we compiled a few things for you to do while you’re stuck inside because of the coronavirus pandemic. 


Yes, YouTube is mostly used for quick entertaining videos, but there are endless videos to teach you pretty much any skill. 

When you’re stuck inside for long periods of time, you have plenty of time to catch up on your favorite TV show or watch new movies, but at some point you need a break from that too. 

Actively trying to learn something, like how to play the ukulele or how to draw an eye, will engage your mind in a different way and help you to stave off boredom. 

Plus, you can finally learn whatever you have been putting off for the last few years because now you have the time. 


This one seems so simple but we think it can easily be overlooked. While all of your friends and family are apart to avoid the spread of the virus, it can be easy to feel completely isolated. 

Texting and Snapchatting is great, but the best way to stay connected is to call and FaceTime with your friends and family. 

Nothing compares to spending time with people in person, but this is the next best option right now. 

It will help you feel more connected to other people rather than just reading a text because you get to hear their voice and see their face. 

Bonus point: try not to talk about the current situation. Watch a movie together over FaceTime, play an online video game, or just talk to them about what you’re looking forward to for the summer. 

Whatever the case may be, staying close to your friends and family during this time is very important. 


Yes, paper books actually still exist. 

With so much time spent inside looking at a screen, your eyes are going to get tired and that constant amount of blue light can mess up your sleeping patterns. 

Try picking up a book instead to get a break from screen time and actually have a surprising amount of fun. Who knows, you may even learn something along the way. 

You don’t need to read the Classics if they sound boring. Read a murder mystery, a non-fiction, or really whatever interests you. Even if it’s a comic book, it’s a good way to change up your routine while you’re inside. 


A good workout is one of the best ways to relieve some of that pent up stress and anxiety from staying inside most of the day. 

There are plenty of body weight workouts online that you can follow along with, or if you have a pair of dumbbells you can increase the intensity to replicate the gym environment. 

Sweating a bit and making sure you stay active will get you off the couch and make you feel so much better. 




Okay, we’ll admit this is one of the least fun options on the list. But it’s one of the most productive!

Cleaning your home will not only reduce your risk of contracting any viruses, it will also greatly help your mental state. 

Waking up each morning to a clean and organized home will help you feel more control of things in your life and really clear up your headspace so that you can be productive and focused when working or studying remotely.  



Even if you can’t go outside for a walk, make sure to open your blinds and windows for a couple hours each day. 

The fresh air will make you feel much better and the sunlight will help to make sure that your sleep cycle is regular and maintained. 

Even sitting by an open window to get some work done will make you feel much less trapped than if you sit in a dark apartment all day. 


Even if you’ve stockpiled on the basics like rice, beans, and pasta, you can throw together really great meals with the help of a good recipe and spices. 

Don’t fall into the habit of making microwave meals, it will make you feel better to put some effort into your food and actually have it taste good. 

This is one of the few instances that most of us have enough time to improve our cooking skills, and this will always be a skill you want to have. 

Ultimately, this can be a tough and difficult time but if you use some of these tips and try to stay positive, it will be over before you know it. 

We hope everyone stays safe during this time, let us know what you do to pass the time when you’re stuck inside. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more content.

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