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What Every Man Should Have in His Closet

April 22, 2021

The staples for any man's wardrobe

The Waer team shares thoughts on the items every man should own. With these pieces as your base, you can create unlimited looks that ensure you look and feel great, every time you leave the house!

While it may seem like wandering through stores, whether in-person or online, to find the ideal outfit is not the best idea in the world, in many situations, it is worthwhile to invest a little time to find some classic pieces that you can be proud to wear any day of your life.

We are talking about the clothes that every man should have in their closet, as they can be paired with all types of personal styles. They are versatile, and can be adapted to many different wardrobes as needed.

The six basic categories below have a huge variety of designs, colors, and possible combinations that allow for the creation of a distinctive style that matches the personality of the man who wears it. While pretty much all men will need to have at least one, if not multiple, pieces of clothing from each of the categories, there is really no risk of looking the same as everyone else, as the end result of each outfit is ultimately shaped by the unique perspectives and stylistic preferences of every man.  

The one thing that is for sure is that the pieces in these categories are classic, always in fashion, and if worn correctly, beautifully stylish. Don’t hesitate to discover your representative style, choosing what works for you below:

A button down with a stylish pattern

Easy to wear, comfortable, and formal when the occasion calls for it, the button down is a staple of any man’s closet. It can be worn at any hour of the day, and depending on the pattern, can be adapted to any situation. It’s best to choose a timeless pattern, something like stripes or a paisley print, so you can be sure that you’re always in style.

A T-shirt for all hours of the day

You would be hard pressed to find a man anywhere that is not in love with his seemingly endless collection of t-shirts! And while it may be a mystery to women everywhere how each man can have so many t-shirts and never get sick of them, they are so useful and beloved there’s no chance we are ever getting rid of them. With the right combinations and some cool accessories, t-shirts can be used to create a stylish outcome, even in a more formal setting.


If you’re tired of the monotony of jeans, a great choice for a casual pant is a nice pair of chinos. In the past few years, love for chinos has skyrocketed, as they effortlessly combine comfort and show-stopping style. In a relaxed or tapered fit and available in so many colors, they are easily utilized and highlight every body type.

A classic bomber jacket with a hoodie

A bomber with a hoodie will never lose its utility, so they are a fantastic addition to any male wardrobe. Depending on the season, the bomber might have a lining, or not, but regardless can be used for the most iconic street looks as well as something a bit classier, as it can easily be dressed up or down. Bombers have been around for decades, but the addition of some cool pockets and a hoodie upgrade this staple from its traditional form.

Shorts for the summer months

Shorts and summer are a match made in heaven, as there are countless men’s shorts options which offer comfort and sophistication. Depending on the fabric and the inseam, shorts can be worn in any warm-weather situation, paired with a t-shirt for a casual day at the park, or dressed up with a button down for a sunset cocktail on your favorite island.

A Sweater

A sweater is a popular choice for both the winter months and as the weather changes in spring and fall. Provided the collars allow for it, a sweater can be worn over a button down for a classic look; it can also be layered with any other type of shirts to create interesting looks and keep you warm for transitions in weather. The sweater is a versatile piece of clothing that all men can use in numerous year-round looks.

Unique Label Concept. Comfortable Clothing.

At Waer, we understand that the wardrobe mirrors the man, which is why we not only create clothes you will love visually, but pieces that will last a long time and be with you in your daily activities and for those special moments. By building a base with your favorite classic pieces, you can create limitless combinations which leave the norm behind and in many cases will allow you as the wearer to leave your own imprint on men’s fashion.

Every man deserves to feel handsome and unique, which is after all one of our most basic principles. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience Waer, we have free shipping for every order worldwide, and if something isn’t perfect for you, we also offer completely free returns.

It’s time to discover Waer and begin to build the style you deserve!

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