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Welcome and the Philosophy Behind Our Brand

November 13, 2020

Welcome to Waer

With the launch of our online store, we wanted to tell you more about the philosophy behind our brand.

We’ve always been a close family. With shared goals and dreams, over the years we’ve thought about how we could start a business together. Life often gets in the way of fulfilling such ambitious dreams, but for us, our passion, drive, and perhaps a little luck all came together to make our dreams come true. Our backgrounds in science and technology laid the foundation for our approach to building a fashion brand. Uncharted territory requires trial and error, and over the past two years we have refined both our concept and clothing to a point that we are now proud to share them with the world.

What Makes Waer Unique?

Our unique selling point is our concept, which was developed in response to questions we were often asked by friends and family. More specifically, what to wear for particular occasions and what works well together. It became increasingly obvious that deciding on a well-put together look can be time consuming or even a challenge for people. We wanted to come up with a system that takes the stress out of choosing what to wear and makes it easy to confidently select the perfect outfit for every occasion. With all of this in mind, an idea was born.

The Concept

Our concept is rather simple. We design all our collections in house and they are created specifically to work together. That is, choose any pieces from one collection and you can rest assured they will look stunning when worn together. As you look through our clothes, you will find items across different collections that match your personal style. With different jobs, hobbies, and personal tastes in style, you need a varied wardrobe. The beauty of the Waer concept is that every item within each of our collections works together. That way you can choose your favourites and know it looks great.

Multiple Combinations

So many of us play it safe, wearing the same outfits over and over again. We know they suit us and we feel comfortable in them. We can’t be bothered trying out new clothing combinations so we stick with what we know. But you don’t want to be the person who wears the same outfit for every occasion, looking identical in every picture, right? That’s why we make it easy with our mix and match concept within our collections. We’ll also continue adding new pieces to the collections and new collections so there’ll always be something fresh that will perfectly match your style.

Discover Our Collections

To see our collections and find the perfect look for your style, please visit our online shop at

-The Efthymiou Family

Written by Waer Clothing

The company re-imagining men's fashion.

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