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The 3 Golden Rules for Impressive Looks

March 22, 2021

Look Your Best Wherever You Go

Below, we share simple tips from the Waer stylist team about how to make any look impressive. Be sure to email us at if you'd like any personalized style tips. A member of our team will get back to you within 48 hours.

The modern man wants to stand out for his appearance and unique style. Driven in part by fashion magazines and the rise and impact of social media, which have brought male fashion icons into our daily lives, the contemporary man seeks to distinguish himself from his peers. This change in the male approach to fashion is nothing short of beautiful, as we see men everywhere who know what they are looking for and adapt current fashion trends to fit with their body type and stylistic preferences.

Nevertheless, with all these new sources of fashion inspiration, the recommendations for style are so vast that some may find it difficult to parse it all and compose a harmonious and balanced result. Enter Waer’s style team. In this blog, we share with you the following three golden rules for impressive looks, which you should consider before you buy any piece to enrich your wardrobe:

Finding the Perfect Pants

Pants are a cornerstone of men's fashion, as they really can make or break a look. With so many available designs, cuts, and fabrics, the choices are truly unlimited. This certainly benefits the modern man, as these countless options allow for each individual to find the pants that suit their body type and personal style. The key to finding the “perfect” pants is to identify the cut and fabrics that work for you. Try a variety of styles and really think about what feels and looks best on your body. Once you’ve identified your ideal pants, build out your wardrobe with additional pairs in the same cut, taking liberties with the design and fabrics.

Chinos are an extremely versatile choice and have fans in both the straight-leg and slim-fit camps, although the most popular cut is the tapered or “cigarette” cut. Make sure you consider the rest of your wardrobe when deciding on your newest pair of pants, and choose something that will work with as much of your existing collection as possible.

Adding Color to Your Wardrobe

Many traditional men prefer plain clothes, believing that a variety of colors takes something away from their seriousness. This is of course an outdated perception, as colorful clothes with either prints or in a color blocking arrangement add an extra note of confidence to a man of any age who wears them. While black can exude a timeless charm, it is not necessarily the best choice in all circumstances. Furthermore, by combining a print or color with a more muted tone, an outfit can have even more balance. Feel free to explore the many options in the market, as colorful clothing can emphasize features of the face or body and can be easily combined with a pair of jeans or a classic jacket.


Adding accessories can complete a look and upgrade the overall appearance of an outfit. Some believe that men have few choices when it comes to accessories but this is simply not true. Choose a quality watch, interesting pair of glasses, simple necklace or bracelet to add a level of sophistication to any ensemble. A scarf, a hat, or a tie can pull an outfit together and provide the option of adding color and interest at the same time. A bag or earring can add edginess to an otherwise basic look. Accessories are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe so decide what works with your personality and style and add some to your everyday look.  

Label Concept for Endless Options

With the above golden rules in mind, you too can create truly impressive outfits which are as special and unique as you are. Waer, with its innovative label system, helps you avoid stylistic mistakes and have a flawless and neat appearance in every occasion. Our new clothing collections are here and will certainly captivate you! With fast delivery and our free shipping policy for all orders in Cyprus (and for all orders over €150 worldwide), you will soon be proud to stand in front of your own mirror! Don’t forget, we also offer free returns on all orders worldwide, so if something isn’t perfect for you, return it to us at no personal cost!

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