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Summer Trip! What Clothes to Pack for Your Vacation

August 3, 2021

How to pack for your summer vacay

The Waer team gives
some suggestions for what to take on your end of summer trips!

It’s time for your holidays and every man faces this challenge called “packing.” While this is a pleasant headache to have, with so many options in our closet it can be difficult to pick the right clothes to accompany us on our summer travels.  

To avoid leaving home without what is actually important and spending valuable time in front of the mirror trying everything on, read the following tips on how to make summer packing a breeze!

Many of us tend to take with us more clothes and accessories than we actually need during our summer holidays. As a result, we pack clothes that we either never wear or make us regret ever picking them out. So, choose a few pieces that you know fit your body well and make you feel good.

Whether you plan to go to the beach, the mountains, or you’re visiting a new country, some clothes simply must be packed: T-shirts, button down shirts, cardigans, and sneakers. Equally important is to ensure easy combinations, with colours, textures, and designs that do not require much time to pair together. Waer’s label system is really handy in this regard, creating instantly wonderful combinations!

Trousers and shorts can match both button-downs and T-shirts, depending on our mood and preferred style. The golden rule “less is more” applies here as well. For example, if our trip is for a few days, a couple of pairs of shorts/trousers will serve us just fine provided that they do not have very distinctive prints and cuts, and are easily matched with a variety of shirts.

Floral shirts are a great option for any summer occasion. From the beach and the beach bar to mountain climbs and late-hour club parties, they give a fashion statement look to every outfit, whether they are worn with trousers or shorts.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more subtle style for the beach, pack a couple of summer shirts in neutral tones and combine them with shorts or long pants in bright colours.

T-shirts are definitely the king of summer outfits. With so many prints, colours, and designs out there, they can easily cater from the most conservative to the most eccentric looks. If our holidays are very short, such as a three-day excursion, avoid overpacking by choosing 5 T-shirts along with two bathing suits, a pair of shorts and a pair of trousers.

Waer with confidence!

As we mentioned, always looking stylish has nothing to do with the number of clothing items we take with us, but with their quality and style. The important thing is to save space in our suitcase with some basic pieces that do not sacrifice our style and are easily matched with several outfits. Waer’s label system favours this versatility, helping us pull off the perfect summer style. The only thing between you and a perfect summer outfit is a click on Waer’s e-shop!

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