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Show Off Your Summer Style with a Killer Button Down

June 11, 2021

Summer Button Downs Galore

The Waer team shows you the "hottest" button downs for this season!

Patterns are here to leave their mark on all the button downs we love to wear in spring and summer!

One of the most popular patterns is floral, as it perfectly represents our connection with nature, inspiring optimism and renewal from the bright colors, modern designs, and airy fabrics on which it is imprinted. Floral prints have become so mainstream that they can be worn all day, every day, no matter the occasion! The contemporary man finds the ideal opportunity to integrate them in our everyday clothing, standing out for the brightness and positivity that our style exudes.

How To Wear It

With tapered pants

If, until recently, floral shirts automatically reminded you of a vacation in Hawaii, you might be surprised to learn that there is a way to put them on even to the office without looking out of place. Some of the biggest fashion houses offer their floral and patterned combinations with evening jackets or suits, with the only condition being that the rest of the ensemble is relatively muted. Depending on the season, you can move to darker or lighter tones and match the floral shirts with slim, long pants. To balance the outfit, tuck in the shirt and use a belt to give a business edge to the ensemble.

With shorts

We have to imagine that floral-patterned shirts were originally created to be paired with shorts, and this is evidenced in the fashion choices of many every summer. Choose cotton fabrics that fall flatter, add a belt if you’d like to give a closer fit to the body, or keep untucked for a more relaxed look. Avoid multiple colors in the rest of the outfit and pair them with simple summer sandals, off white espadrilles or white sneakers.


With jeans

It is difficult to find clothes that do not work with a pair of jeans. The most classic, durable and timeless piece of clothing in your wardrobe can very easily be combined in all its colors with a floral shirt, thus exuding a nostalgic '90s. Choose straight or narrow lines on the shirt and match it fearlessly with a jean jacket or a pair of jean pants. If you are looking for special pieces, it is worth investing even in a jean shirt with floral designs! Oversized shirts are more suitable for younger ages, while they fit perfectly with equally oversized sweatshirts.

What To Watch Out For

Quality over quantity

It is good to keep in mind that as impressive as they are, floral shirts can easily lead us to stylistic exaggerations. So be careful not to combine different patterns in the same outfit and make sure the rest of your style remains neutral and in simple lines.

Use layering to your advantage

Floral is often misunderstood and brings to mind graphic stylistic images. To make it more elegant and sophisticated, invest in layering. Do not hesitate to match a floral shirt with a solid color sweatshirt, a cotton vest or a quiet cardigan.

Situation-appropriate patterns

Although printed designs are now stylistically rewarding and potentially fit everywhere, care is always needed. Depending on the occasion, the corresponding floral pattern should be preferred, leaving the large and vivid prints for the most relaxed moments of the day and choosing more discreet patterns for the more formal occasions or office hours.

Waer with confidence!

This summer is the time to stand out with your style. When you shop with Waer, you can guarantee your wardrobe will be filled with the airy vibes of summer: sun, sand, and sea!

Written by Waer Clothing

The company re-imagining men's fashion.

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