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Shop the Look: 4 Outfits for the Season

March 1, 2021

How to dress as the weather changes

Below, we share thoughts from the Waer team about what to wear as we transition from the cooler months into the spring. No matter the occasion, we've got a recommendation for you.

With many different accessories, fabrics, colors, and designs, the colder months challenge our wardrobe as the period with the most choice of potential combinations and unique looks. If you love to stand out and have everyone talking about your style, the cold is definitely your friend. During this special time of the year, our outfits can offer more depth than usual.

In colder months, we also have the very basic need to keep our bodies warm, without of course sacrificing our personal style. We have the opportunity to experiment with different clothing combinations and layers to keep warm, with classic pieces underpinning our best appearances at work and social obligations. The goal with any outfit is always comfort and style, anytime and anywhere!

Below are 4 unique ideas from Waer that you will love!

The Everyday Winter Outfit

An everyday outfit should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but should also be practical enough to allow the wearer to get through the day. Whether you are in the office or out and about, you need clothes that help you move around comfortably, while enjoying their warmth and (hopefully) perfect fit on your body.

The first look consists of 3 pieces, with the light grey chinos and the lined green bomber jacket complementing each other perfectly. The white t-shirt with a modern bleeding-heart print balances the colors of the whole outfit while ensuring you stay warm. The outfit is tied together with a pair of sneakers (not sold by Waer) to make sure you can stay active all day long.

The ice white hoodie keeps the cold away no matter what you’re up to, while the wine red pants add some flair to the look. This look is both casual and comfortable, and whether you are at the office, taking a walk through the city, or lounging around on your couch at home, you will look and feel the part. We recommend you pair this look with a fun pair of sneakers from your favorite brand.

The Formal Winter Outfit

For the most formal occasions, do not let the transitioning weather outside limit your choices. Stand out with your personal style and imagination by wearing pieces that highlight the strong points of your body and bring you to the forefront of fashion.

Our classic white and blue pattern button down is a fit at any formal occasion, be it a meeting or a dinner in a fancy restaurant. Combined with our grey chinos, you’re sure to be the envy of any room you step into. With our focus on the comfort of all of our clothing, you are not only guaranteed to look good, but feel good too. We would recommend pairing these items with any dark shoe of your choice, although we’d probably choose a brown boot.

The grey-striped button down gives off an air of elegance and prestige in combination with the blue chinos, while the caramel jacket ties the outfit together so you can put your best foot forward. We recommend you complete this look with stylish and comfortable blue denim moccasins.

Label Concept for Endless Options

In recent years, men’s fashion has been overhauled and is being upgraded both qualitatively from a stylistic perspective and quantitatively, with the amount of ethical and quality choices exploding. Men can find anything from black jeans, to stylish hoodies or zip ups, to quirky accessories to augment their closet. Today, a man’s wardrobe during the cooler months of the year can allow for endless combinations, which can be both fun and daunting. That’s where we come in.

If you want to ensure you keep the fun in your wardrobe, we at Waer are here to help. As you can tell from the above suggestions, we offer countless unique and foolproof options for you to steal the show wherever you go! Keep in mind there are benefits when you shop with us, not only our incredible quality but also our great shipping policy; we offer free shipping on all orders in Cyprus and on all orders over 150 euros worldwide. In addition, we offer free returns on all orders worldwide, so if something isn’t perfect for you, return it to us at no personal cost!

Written by Waer Clothing

The company re-imagining men's fashion.

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