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New Pieces - Same Concept

January 18, 2021

Check Out Our Latest Pieces

Down below, we share more about the Waer concept and the lastest pieces that you can use to grow your Waerdrobe.

If you have not yet discovered or experienced the innovative Waer concept, then let us introduce you to the new way to dress! We take the stress out of choosing what to wear and ensure you always look amazingly stylish no matter what your day has in store.

The Problem & the Waer concept

Choosing what to wear can be a problem for so many of us. Whether it’s for a big night out, a job interview, or simply picking out an outfit for the office, it is never simple. Are you guilty of throwing something on too fast because you’re in a hurry, then spending the day wondering if you’ve chosen an outfit that doesn’t really work? It’s a seemingly small problem that can have a big impact.

You can be left feeling over or under dressed for a particular occasion, you may feel awkward in mismatched clothes, or you might be worried you’re giving the wrong impression in an important meeting. From this need, the Waer concept was born.

We have created collections of high quality clothing items that go together to make the perfect outfit. Simply check the label of your clothes. If the labels match, then you can guarantee these pieces will work together and you’ll look great.

All of our clothing is designed in-house and manufactured at our sustainable partner factory in Portugal [they are Seaqual certified!]. The Waer concept goes deeper than our label system. Each garment we create is made with you in mind, from the soft, breathable fabrics, to the sustainable production and unique designs that will ensure you stand out wherever you go.

New pieces in each of our collections

We’ve created our collections with enough variety to suit any number of occasions. From more casual times like a relaxed night out with friends, to something more formal like a job interview, we’ve got you covered. All of our clothing, no matter how formal or casual, will ensure that you’re comfortable throughout each and every day. We recently introduced some new pieces that we think you’ll love, like:

Never boring - always stylish

Ensuring all the clothes in each collection match certainly doesn’t mean they’re going to be dull and boring. Choose Waer and your own personality can shine through when you pick some of our unique and quirky designs such as the newly released Cat Eye sweater with grey cat eyes on the shoulders or the striking X Marks the Spot hoodie. We seasonally add new items to each collection, so you can grow your wardrobe and create more coordinated combinations. Check back regularly to discover the latest releases and grow your Waerdrobe.

It’s so simple – it’s time to give it a try

Choose the pieces you like, and next time you need to get dressed just check the labels. If they match, the outfit will look amazing as it is one of our intelligently designed collections! Discover more Waer pieces on our website today, and enjoy free worldwide shipping on all orders over €150!

Written by Waer Clothing

The company re-imagining men's fashion.

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