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Best Men's Footwear for Summer 2020 | Men's Accessory Series


May 26, 2020

Men's Accessory Series | Part 3: Footwear

Arguably the most important accessory to any outfit... let's talk shoes.

Shoes are the most important accessories to any outfit. Not only are they functional (you don't want to be wearing flip flops in the snow), they complete your look. The shoes you choose can dress a look up, or down, and say a lot about your personality!

It's important to choose the right shoes for the look you're trying to achieve. With a few solid pairs of shoes in your closet, you can make sure that you always have the perfect pair for the occasion.

Here's a list of some of our favorite footwear for summer 2020. The shoes (in all forms!) that you'll find down below should have you looking great and feeling comfortable for all of your summer activities.  

Rainbow Sandal's flip-flops are perfect for both the beach and the beach bar. The light brown leather is built to last and is easily combined with any summer clothing. You can wear these to the beach and then out to dinner in your favorite tropical destination.  

Probably the most classic men's sneakers of all time. Every guy can benefit from owning a pair and using them often, especially in the warmer months. The crisp white leather and sneaker design is perfect for casual summer outfits.

One of the most hyped up shoes of 2020 and already considered by many to be the sneaker of the year. The Nike x Ben and Jerry's Chunky Dunky Nike SB Dunk stays true B&J's ethos: "If it's not fun, why do it?" - Jerry Greenfield. While this is definitely the ice cream we'll be dreaming about this summer, good luck getting your hands on a pair.

The rich brown leather of Thursday Boot Co.'s aptly named President boots is ideal for a summer Friday night. Dress these boots up for a date or bar crawl, or even dress them down for a simple afternoon in the park. Sturdy and breathable, you'll be wearing these all the time.

These Burberry low-top sneakers are sleek and modern, working well for a romantic night out or the last night of your island vacation. Style them with shorts and no-show socks to nail the island-classy look.

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