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Best Men's Sunglasses for Summer 2020 | Men's Accessory Series


May 20, 2020

Men's Accessory Series | Part 2: Sunglasses

Moving into the second part of our accessory series, let's talk all about sunglasses.

As summer approaches and you plan on spending more and more time outside, it's important to wear sunglasses!

Not only are they are a great addition to a summer outfit, they'll protect your eyes and the skin around them, helping you look better now and later.

So here's a list of some of our favorite sunglasses we put together so you can look great this summer.  

In terms of affordability, this pair definitely tops the list. Coming in under $50, it is certainly our favorite pair at this price. The bright blue is perfect for summer vibes by the beach or pool.

This is the CLASSIC men's pair of sunglasses. Every guy can benefit from owning a pair and using them as much as they can. Feel free to switch up the color if you want something a bit more unique or brighter for summer.

The black and gold combo is on another level. Versace is known for its clothes, but their sunglasses can be surprisingly affordable while maintaining their renowned high quality look.

The glossy, wooden frame of these sunglasses justifies the price. Sturdy and high class, these can be worn for summer afternoons and evenings at a fancier beach bar.

These Gucci pilot-shaped sunglasses are perfect for those who want to splurge a little bit. Elegant, versatile, and excellently manufactured, these will last for years to come.

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