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Men’s Fashion Faux Pas | What To Avoid

Some clothes really don’t look good on anyone

Okay so disclaimer before we get into this article: these are not ultimate commandments that every single person needs to follow. 

So if you use any of these clothing items or styles, you are free to do that and we hope you can pull them off and teach everyone else how!

But in general, a lot of these are considered things to avoid by many in the fashion industry and we feel the need to share them with you.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into it. 


Alright we think this is one pretty much everyone can agree on. 

Socks with sandals is one of the classic faux pas and should be avoided in almost all situations. 

Unless you’re staying in for the day, ditch the socks and just wear the sandals or change out the sandals for some regular shoes.  


Sunglasses are for the SUN, not for any lights that come your way. 

Entering a bar wearing sunglasses or wearing them at all times of the day will make you look both out of place and standoffish. 

Eye contact makes a difference, believe us! Take the sunglasses off inside and put them away when the sun sets, please.  


Yes, tennis shoes are comfortable and should be worn when you’re working out.  

But wearing running or tennis shoes when you’re heading out for a dinner date should 100% be avoided. 

They make you look like an old dad that doesn’t know how to dress and it can really drag down your overall look. 

Instead, wear a sophisticated slip on. That way you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and will still look much more put together. 


Something like this is perfectly acceptable for walking around town during the summer. 

Something like this is definitely not acceptable for your girlfriend’s birthday dinner at a steakhouse. 

Dressing for the occasion is incredibly important. Even if you’re wearing something that looks good in a different context, in the wrong context you can still look out of place and give a negative impression. 

Make sure to dress for what you’re doing, always.  


Mismatched patterns is another one of the classic fashion faux pas. 

Mismatched patterns clash with each other rather than providing contrast, making your outfit look overwhelming and not aesthetically pleasing. 

Stick to one pattern, and for the most part, don’t wear it head to toe. 

Choose a pattern for your top or pants and then stick with something solid for the rest of the outfit. 


This is a perfect example of how your pants SHOULD fit. 

Pants should come just to the top of your shoes, leaving essentially no gap between the pant leg and the shoe.

If you’re wearing pants that come just above your ankle, you look like you’ve grown out of them, making you appear childish. Note: we are not talking about the popular fashion trend of cropped men’s pants which tend to be much shorter. Done the right way, this can appear very stylish and modern.

If you buy pants that are too long, they look too big and again make you seem like a little kid. 

In either case, buy pants that are the right length, or buy longer ones and get them tailored.

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