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Meet Waer's New Spring / Summer 2021 Collection

May 23, 2021

Get the best new clothes for summer

The Waer team takes some time to introduce you to our newest pieces for Spring / Summer 2021! No matter where you are this summer, there's something for you to enjoy.

Waer’s new spring / summer collection for 2021 brings pastel colors, light lines and airy patterns which let you know that summer is here! Brand new designs, original combinations, modern prints, and a summer vibe fill our wardrobe with options that leave their stylistic imprint. Our goal is to help you renew your wardrobe and bring a new sense of comfort and heightened mood to your daily interactions. With our label system, Waer helps you create unique sets for all hours that become an integral part of your daily life and mimic the most relaxed rhythms of summer.

Clothes that simultaneously embrace and liberate the body, earthy tones that invigorate the senses, and successful combinations thanks to the infallible and inventive system of red and blue labels. These are the three unique features of our new collection that this summer will help you create a style that impresses through the quiet but powerful forces of nature and the sun. The collection is made for the modern man who wants to make the most of his time and always be well dressed.

Our newest summer styles fully represent the "Waer with Confidence" mantra that accompanies the launch of each new collection we release. The labels on the clothes of the Blue and Red collections ensure that you always have the most dynamic and perfect combination of clothes possible, whatever your personal style or your obligations during the day. At the same time, they give you the opportunity to confidently experiment with outfits outside your comfort zone, introducing you to more and more interchangeable styles.

The Red Label is daring, with vivid, modern and timeless colors that breathe new life into casual clothing and upgrade business chic style to match all moments of the day. Navy blue dominates while stripes and nautical elements give another dimension to chinos that can be worn from morning to night. Bermuda shorts, floral patterns everywhere, unique details and bold combinations make up an out of the box collection that still retains its classic charm.

The Blue Label balances sandy tones, bright patterns, modern prints and of course airy fabrics in all shades of white and blue. The must-have colors of summer, which are none other than red, yellow, pink, and green, are all present. The options within the Blue Label are harmonious in color, offer beautiful patterns, encourage just the right layering, and above all prioritize a complete statement look that can only be enhanced with the wearer’s favorite accessories.

Waer with confidence!

In Waer’s e-shop, you will find countless ways to welcome summer in the most stylish way possible. It’s time to discover all the ways in which you can steal the show and fill yourself with confidence and energy by choosing clothes that are as unique as you!

Written by Waer Clothing

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