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How To Look Better In 5 Minutes | Men In 2020

Learn the best tips for looking better when you’re pressed for time

Let’s be honest. As much as we want to spend an hour meditating, drinking our green smoothie, and getting our hair done by a professional stylist like all those instagram models, most of us don’t have the time.   

Realistically, you’re only going to have a few minutes to get ready in the morning or before you head out on a date after work, so we wanted to put together a few tips and tricks for how to look better in just 5 minutes. 

Keep in mind that pretty much everything you see on social media is fake. Your skin will still have pores, your hair will still have flyaways, and your sins cannot be brushed over with FaceTune. 

The goal of this article is to help you reach a more polished version of yourself, not a version of yourself you’d see in an edited photo. 

Use our advice for what you want to focus on to look better in 2020. 

Let’s move right into the article. 

Minute 1: Groom your facial hair. 

However you like to maintain your facial hair (or lack thereof), make sure to do a quick cleanup before you start getting ready. 

Scraggly facial hair is very rarely a good look, so clean up your beard or shave off what you have. 

If you choose to keep facial hair, make sure to have clean edges and lines to really bump up your look. 

MINUTE 2: Take a shower. 

The most important tool for cleaning up your look in 5 minutes is unsurprisingly, to clean up! 

Really, just rinse off in the shower for 1 minute. You don’t need to shampoo and condition your hair, doing that everyday is damaging anyway. 

The hot water will help dilate your blood vessels, bringing blood closer to the surface of the skin, helping you look and feel more awake. 

Warm water is also enough to get rid of any excess oil in your hair or on your skin, preventing you from looking like a grease monkey as soon as you start your day without drying it out. 

MINUTE 3: Pick out your clothes and put them on. 


Make sure that you choose clean clothes that have been hanging in your closet, nothing that was tossed on the floor three weeks ago. 

This will help you look more put together despite only spending a minute picking out what to wear. 

Of course this process would be made easier with our new clothing line, but until we launch you can just go with what you think looks best. 

When you’re in a rush, it’s best to go with simple colors and tones so you don’t have to worry nearly as much about your outfit clashing and undoing all of your work. 

MINUTE 4: Put on a moisturizer and any spot treatments if needed.


Moisturizer will help stave off both flakey and oily skin, making sure your skin looks smooth, hydrated, and healthy. 

Only use a dime size amount and make sure to gently put it all over your face and neck, being especially careful to not tug at the skin around your eyes. 

The skin around your eyes is extremely thin and any tugging can cause you to look tired and develop wrinkles faster in the long run. 

Additionally, if you have any breakouts a simple rapid spot treatment can help drastically reduce redness while also promoting healing. Treatments with salicylic acid are especially effective. 

MINUTE 5: Put some product in your hair.


Exercising some form of control over your hair can help bring your look together and make you look much more polished. 

A pomade or a classic gel are excellent choices for creating a signature simple look that works best for you and your face shape. 

This step can make the difference between looking like you rolled out of bed or out of the barber shop, so practice this over time to speed up the styling process. 

Minute 5: Put a spritz of cologne before you head out the door.


This one you need to be especially careful with. All you need is one to two spritz of cologne, maximum! 

You do not want to smell like you fell into your cologne bottle before you left the house. Cologne should only be noticed by people within 5 feet of you, not the entire office floor. 

Smelling nice will again make people think you are put together, helping you look more appealing overall. 

Let us know which of these tips you think are the most useful and tag us if you have any others that have saved you when you were in a pinch. Thanks again for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.

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