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What to Wear: The Best Job Interview Attire

February 1, 2021

Tips for your interview outfit

Below, we share thoughts from the Waer team about what to wear to your next job interview.

Job interviews can certainly be stressful. You really want the job and know you’re a great fit for it, but you somehow have to convey this to someone you’ve never met before in just a few minutes. Presenting yourself in the best way possible is very important as we all know how crucial first impressions can be. As soon as you walk into that interview room, your interviewer will be assessing your suitability for the job, and that begins with taking into account your appearance. Of course there are some basic requirements that are obvious. You need to be clean and tidy, your hair needs to be neatly brushed and your clothes should be fresh and in good condition. But there are still so many factors to consider when choosing an outfit for your interview. How do you decide what to wear? We’re here to give some useful advice on how to dress for interviews for different types of jobs.

What to wear for an interview in a formal business environment

For a formal situation, you need to dress very smart and pay attention to detail. A good, well-fitting suit in a dark colour is a must with a well-coordinated tie. Avoid ‘fun’ novelty ties; pick a high quality silk tie in a plain colour or with a discreet pattern. Make sure your shoes are well polished and take a smart bag such as a briefcase. You may choose to add a touch of fragrance, but remember not to overdo it!

What to wear for an interview in a casual business environment

For a position that’s a little less formal, you can go without the suit, but stick to smart clothing. A button up shirt with a collar is great, but you can perhaps forgo the tie. A smart pair of trousers is a good option rather than jeans which can look just a little too casual. Be sure to polish your shoes and keep your hair tidy.

What to wear for an interview in a casual environment

Dressing for an interview for a casual job environment can actually be difficult. You don’t want to look overdressed in a suit, nor do you want to come across as scruffy and underdressed. Choose clothing that is in good condition, so it looks fresh and crisp. Trousers such as chinos are a good option, teamed with a polo shirt or a buttoned shirt. A slip on shoe such as a loafer can tie this sort of outfit together nicely.

What to wear for an interview in a manual labour environment

If you’re applying to be a labourer, you’ll want to look tidy but not too formal. A pair of jeans in good condition can be a suitable choice, with a polo shirt or a plain t-shirt. Avoid logos and branded shirts.

Clothes that match well

Looking well dressed is an art, but if you choose clothes from one of the Waer Collections, you can rest assured that you’ll look stylish and coordinated. Check out our collections for some great inspiration for your next job interview. We offer versatile, high-quality clothing for all occasions.

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