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5 Ways to Feel Confident with Your Outfits

May 7, 2021

Feel great every time you leave the house

The Waer team gives 5 tips to increase your confidence with your daily clothing choices.

In today’s day and age, men and women have become equally fashionable, as more and more men are carefully curating their wardrobes. After all, we all want to be happy with what we see in the mirror. The contemporary man seeks to learn about the latest fashion trends and this season’s hottest combinations through which he too can leave his mark on style. Our daily clothing choices reflect our personality and, in many ways, how we perceive our body and sense of self.

In order for our clothing to give us confidence, it has to combine visual appeal with practicality to successfully convey elegance.

Make sure you check out and follow the Waer team’s recommendations below to be sure that your style will never let you down:

Invest in quality over quantity

No matter how many clothes you buy, you’ll never be fully covered if their quality is poor. High quality materials and great finish are not exclusive to the most expensive brands, so you can certainly find high-quality options without breaking the bank. If you do end up having to pay a small premium for this higher quality, do not be discouraged. Invest in less pieces, which are timeless and will be a part of your wardrobe for years to come, rather than buying many cheap pieces which quickly lose their character after a couple of washes.

Take good care of your clothing

To keep your clothing looking new for as long as possible, it is imperative to follow the designer’s recommendations for both storage and cleaning. No tumble dry means no tumble dry! Caring for your clothes the right way should be a habit, especially for unique products (for example, if they are made of a delicate material); likewise, do not overlook the importance of arranging them in your closet in a way that does not cause overflow, which can quickly cause a garment to lose its shape, sometimes permanently.

Dress for your body type

Regardless of what the fashion houses are dictating this season, make sure you choose options that flatter your body. Be sure to search for a few trendy pieces that fit your body and personal style today, but above all find pieces which are timeless that you know will fit your body type for years to come!

Pay attention to the fit

Oftentimes, an entire outfit is dragged down solely because it does not fit right on the wearer. Make sure your clothing is the right length and width to complement your proportions, otherwise the result will undoubtedly be subpar. If you begin to notice that your wardrobe is full of clothing that does not fit you correctly, it might be time to visit a local tailor and have things reworked for you! Alternatively, you can begin to slowly rebuild your closet with pieces that fit properly.

Waer with confidence!

Certainly, you’ve heard a phrase akin to “we wear the clothes, the clothes do not wear us.” This piece of advice is extremely useful when we are thinking about crafting an outfit that is 100% “us”. If you are self-confident, you can make the best choices for yourself in order to always look good. The head of Givenchy and Christian Dior, John Galliano, once said “The joy of dressing is an art.” Heed his words, make the choices that work for you, and let your confidence be the finishing touch.

Unique Label Concept. Top Quality Clothing.

Waer’s team of fashion experts are constantly reviewing trends and creating countless outfits to get inspired on which pieces we should design and release next. Understanding how important it is for everyone to look and feel great with what they buy, we offer free shipping on every single order worldwide to ensure that all can have the Waer experience. If something isn’t perfect for you, we also offer free returns on all orders.

With our original and unique label concept, tried and test collections that offer 100s of combinations, and personal touch as a family business, we at Waer make choosing your clothes a game; best of all, a game where you as the customer always win.

Written by Waer Clothing

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