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3 Ways to Wear Your Summer Button Down

July 8, 2021

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The Waer team gives you some suggestions for how to style your favorite button down this summer!

Summer button-downs are the easiest and most stylish solution for both casual and sophisticated summer outfits. With special prints or plain, rolled-up sleeves or straight down, they work for every summer moment, and, with the proper mix ‘n’ match, can be easily adjusted to every venue or occasion.

Button-downs are perfect throughout the summer because they are easy to wear, come in a great variety of colors and designs, and demand attention with their many possible variations. Still, if you’ve run out of ideas or don’t know how to fit them into your summer wardrobe, you can follow these 3 suggestions for safe, statement combos that can take you from the office, to a night out, to formal events, to carefree outings with friends.  

Even if you hesitate to change the way you wear them or you are a sworn T-shirt fan, you will be tempted to at least one of these suggestions!

Button-down with trousers or shorts

The most effective way to combine a summer button-down shirt is with linen trousers or shorts. Elegant, stylish and comfortable, this type of outfit perfectly exemplifies the summer style you crave. Opt for light-coloured or print combos with single-coloured trousers or shorts with pockets. On the other hand, if you love beige shorts, dare to try them on with a khaki shirt for an unconventional look that keeps the comfort line.  

Combine your bathing suit with a button-down

We know that you love standing out from the crowd with style, so throw aside those simple t-shirts you usually wear with your bathing suit to the beach. Button-downs, mostly in bright-coloured prints or plain white, will boost your overall look. At the same time, they are the best solution for après-swimming beach bars or night beach parties! In any case, make sure to match the prints of the bathing suit with the shirt. Avoid suffocating the outfit with too many patterns.

Summer outfit with a button-down and formal trousers

Summer is the perfect time for social events, so combinations of button-down shirts with formal trousers can lead to several predictable choices. Go for a funkier yet still stylish choice in your outfit, by creating chic contrasts with plain-color pants and a striped colored shirt (or the other way around). For a little more excitement in your outfit, we suggest the wonderful combination of bright single-colored shirts and trousers. If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay in the safe zone, opt for the same color for both your shirt and trousers and break the monotony with a belt or shoes of a different hue and some classic accessories.

Waer with confidence!

In Waer’s e-shop, you will find all the proper pieces that will inspire you to make your own unique combinations and stand out this summer with your elegant, easy-going and sophisticated style. Experiment with different lines and colours and enjoy summertime’s carefreeness and freedom!

Written by Waer Clothing

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