Crafted with Purpose

As a family whose roots are in STEM, we’re passionate about finding solutions. Especially practical ones, like making seams more comfortable against the skin, or creating chic separates that go seamlessly from formalwear to everyday casual without a wrinkle. We weren’t tailors, but we had everything we needed in our minds and hearts to bring the Waer concept to the world before a single stitch was sewn.

We were just as passionate about finding the ideal factory to produce our looks. For us, that ideal is a truly ethical workplace where workers are treated well as they produce beautiful garments. Because we designed our clothing to last for years and stay out of landfills, it was also important to work with a business dedicated to sustainability.

Finding a factory whose treatment of their workers and the world aligned with our family’s care for people and the planet wasn’t easy. We began the search in our homeland of Cyprus, and eventually broadened it throughout Europe before we found a manufacturing operation in Portugal that met with our quality, ethical, and sustainability standards.

We adore our island home and want a touch of our Cypriot zest for life in every article of clothing we design. That’s why we source much of our material from Cyprus. It’s a great way to support local businesses while doing business abroad. Doing the right thing takes time – but the impact lasts forever.

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Factory Infographic
Factory Infographic


We took our quest across Europe in search of a factory that aligned with our values, treating its employees well and making durable, sustainable clothing at a reasonable price. Finally, we found the perfect one in Portugal that is part of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a community with a single voice against plastic pollution. They bring together individuals, organizations and companies, to help clean our oceans, raise awareness of the issue of marine plastic and highlight the heroes who are working to solve it.